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Antifašističke borbe 29, Belgrade
+381 11 3111 382
+381 69 3330 450

The Olimpia Diagnostic Center ODC is the most modern center for medical examinations of women which provides prevention, early diagnosis, therapy for breast cancer and other breast diseases.

The center is characterised by a basic principle which is the implementation of the most modern knowledge and technological innovation regarding breast control, aiming at the early diagnosis and the confrontation of breast diseases.

The center operates under the supervision of fully specialised and highly trained and skilled doctors and it is equipped with modern and advanced technological equipment of high definition and low radiation such as digital mammograms and ultrasound.

The targets of our center are:
- The lifelong preventive monitoring of women aiming at the detection and the diagnosis of problems at the first and completely curable stage
- The diagnosis of breast diseases, either clinically either under the support of histological cytological analysis (biopsy)

The medical examinations that can be performed in our center are:
- Ultrasound control
- Digital mammography
- Elastography
- Biopsy