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Grejač, Aleksinac
+381 18 881 038
+381 18 881 038

Srpska fabrika za reciklažu a.d. Aleksinac was founded in 1986 and has worked in the DP „Paper servis“ Nis. It was unique in the former Republic of Yugoslavia and its capacity to meet the needs of the recycling of glass packaging waste, then the Federation.
In 2004 the factory was privatized and since then has been in the company YIOULA HELLAS GROUP, which is the majority owner. With the arrival of new owners are a lot invested in the modernization drive, as well as the logistics system. The capacity of the company are treated 30 000 tons of glass packaging waste annually.
To facilitate the collection process, we have glass packaging waste containers for temporary storage of 25 cubic meters, as well as containers for the collection of packaging waste in urban areas. With our experience associates assist in making decisions for the collection, storage, transport and other logistical problems that may arise regarding the organization of packaging waste.