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Belgrade recently hosted a large business meeting of eight European Chambers of Commerce present in Serbia, with a cocktail party attended by 250 people – Chamber’s members, domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and managers. This is the first and so far the most important meeting of European Chambers of Commerce organized for the purpose of networking of members and strengthening of inter-chamber cooperation.

The event was attended by members of the Hellenic Business Association Franco-German-Serbian and Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Belgian-Serbian Business Association, the Slovenian and Croatian Business Club and the Nordic Business Alliance. Cocktail of European Chambers was held on a boat restaurant Vizantija at Ušće.

This meeting was just the first in a series of events jointly planned to be organized by representatives of Europe’s economy in Serbia, which is the most represented on the Serbian market, with the aim of promoting joint appearances on third markets, improving the country’s business environment and supporting local institutions through transfers of the best European practices.