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Become a member

Hellenic Business Association of Serbia has full members, associated members and honorary members.

  • A full member of the Association may be any legal entity registered in the Republic of Serbia or any legal entity registered in the Republic of Greece with a trade representation office registered in the Republic of Serbia, which represents Greek economic interests in the broadest sense and is willing to assist in the achievement of the key objectives of the Association and accepts and complies with the Statute of the Association.
  • Associated member of the Association may be any individual or legal entity sharing the aims of the Association. The associated members are accepted by a decision of the Board of Directors.
  • Honorary members are individuals – celebrities, business people, scientists or politicians, who considerably contribute to the development of the Association, in accordance with its objectives. The decision on election of honorary members is made by the Management Board.

 In order to become a member of HBA, the Company has to submit the following documentation:

  1. Decision by which the competent body of the Company shall decide to become a member of the business association, as follows:

“Company_____decides to be one of the members of the Hellenic Business Association, a non profit association, which is registered in front of the Agency for Commercial Registers, Belgrade and to pay the admission fee of_____dinars, as well as the annual membership fee of_____dinars. Mr._____is authorized to perform every legal and other activities in relation to the membership in the Association, to sign and verify any necessary documents in the name and on behalf of the Company or to give a Power of Attorney to a third person with the same authorities. Mr._____ is also authorized to represent the Company in the General Assembly of the Association. Mr._____is also authorized to vote and participate in the work of the General Assembly of the Association to the best of his abilities, without limitations.”

The Decision has to be in Serbian, on the letterhead of the Company, signed and sealed by the authorized person, in accordance with Company’s Statute and other internal rules.

  1. Registration of the Company (obtained by the Agency for Commercial Registers)
  2. The list of the registered signatures (OP form), simple copy
  3. Tax Identification Number (PIB), simple copy
  4. Proof of an account number with a commercial bank (a copy of the agreement with the bank or a bank statement)
  5. Profile of the Company
  6. Registration as a small, medium or big company, according to the Accounting and Audit Law
  7. Completed membership application (download application here)

The Board of Director decides on its first next meeting if the new member will be accepted. After the admission, the new member is obliged to pay the admission fee, as well as the annual membership fee for the first year.

Membership categories

Hellenic Business Association has three (3) membership categories:

  • Companies with annual sales over 10 mil. €

Enrollment fee: 30.000 RSD
Annual membership fee: 100.000 RSD

These members are called «Grand Sponsors» and enjoy certain privileges such as:

– Special promotion as «Grand Sponsors» on HBA website and at every HBA event or promotion
– Promotion of «Grand Sponsors» via electronic signature of HBA
– Priority invitation to events to wich the HBA BoD is invited
– Free participation at HBA events (based on the decision by the BoD)

  •  Companies with annual sales between 1 – 10 mil. €

Enrollment fee: 10.000 RSD
Annual membership fee: 30.000 RSD

  •  Companies with annual sales up to 1 mil. €

Enrollment fee: 10.000 RSD
Annual membership fee: 20.000 RSD

Note: If the enrollment is done during the year, only part of the first annual membership fee is paid (based on the number of months remaining until the end of the year)