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About us

The Hellenic Business Association of Serbia, is a private, non-government, non-lobbying, non-profit organization established in 3.12.2003. Our members are 85 legal entities registered in Business Registers of Serbia or Greece, which represent Greek economic interest in wider sense and help with the achievement of the Association’s basic goals.

Greek owned companies in Serbia are involved in various business segments such as banking an finance, food & beverage, telecommunications, hospitality, real estate, tourism, constructions, heavy industry, retailing, sector of services etc, thus managing to bring Greece at the top of the list of foreign investors in the country. The member companies of the Hellenic Business Association have so far invested more than 2.5 billion euros and currently employs over 15,000 people in Serbia.


  • To encourage business ventures of its members and other Greek investors and to provide consultations concerning the direction, management and protection of their investments
  • To make contacts and participate in various international organizations with goals to help the incorporation of Serbia in the European institutions
  • To represent, express and promote common opinion of its members with the aim of achieving a better collaboration between Greece and Serbia
  • To maintain continuous dialogue between the Association and the Authorities of Serbia
  • To promote the interests of Greek business community in Serbia
  • To help the Authorities of Serbia, within the Association’s possibility, to overcome difficulties and obstacles that may present themselves in the relations with Greek investors and in the economic relations with the Republic of Greece
  • To inform its members and other interested persons about the business opportunities in Serbia
  • To provide information to Serbian companies that are interested in investing Greece